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About Us - Cross Roads Insolvency
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About CrossRoads Insolvency

CrossRoads Insolvency is an insolvency practice focusing on providing simple and effective solutions to financially stressed business owners and individuals.


We are CA, CPA and ARITA qualified Insolvency practitioners. We have worked in the Insolvency industry for decades and we have vast experience managing both corporate and personal insolvency matters.


With a broad range of experience in all aspects of financial hardship scenarios, we know that our wealth of knowledge and experience will allow us to help you no matter how hopeless your situation may initially seem to you. We believe in our ability to provide you with personalised options that will assist you with making informed choices that are the most suitable for your particular circumstances.


Our practice prides itself on achieving the best outcome speedily and efficiently for all stakeholders. The CrossRoads team has extensive experience in most industries including manufacturing, retail, construction, finance, service industries and other innumerable commercial enterprises.


Our offices are conveniently located at Suite 1901, Level 19, 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.


Our Services


If you find that your Company is no longer viable and are stressed by creditors chasing you for payments. Then Creditors Voluntary Liquidation may be your best option.


Facing endless pressure from creditors, however, you strongly believe your business is worth saving, Voluntary Administration might be able to assist you to achieve that goal.


If the Company is solvent and able to pay off its debts within 12 months, the members (shareholders) can choose Members Voluntary Liquidation to finalise the Company’s affairs.

Deed of Company Arrangement

This is an option that the Company can utilise to reach an agreement and pay off all its Creditors for a lesser amount and over a longer time frame in order to save the Company.


Creditors with a registered security or a Court Order may appoint a Receiver to realise the Company’s assets to pay off their debt when the repayments are not made in accordance with the Loan Agreement.

Official Liquidation

To pursue an outstanding debt, a Creditor may instruct a solicitor to utilise legal tools and Court proceedings which ultimately cause the Company to be placed into Official Liquidation if the debt is not paid.

We work closely with the following clients and advisors

  • Company or Individual that are in financial difficulties paying its debts
  • Parties with difficulties recovering debts or internal dispute
  • Accountant & Business Consultants
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Financiers
  • Lawyers
  • Investors

Other Services We Provide

Restructure and turnaround

Appointment of a Provisional Liquidator and Statutory Trustee

Finance and Re-Finance

Dispute resolution between directors and shareholders

Forensic accounting and Fraud Investigations

Litigation support

Financial Planning and Tax Audit

Solvency reviews

Our Office